Website Features Checklist: The Ultimate Must-Haves for Your Site

Wow. I love it when someone designs a checklist on an infographic that’s both simple and informative. designed this one to develop a list of features they believe should be included in every small business website. I’m honestly not so sure it’s limited to small business… I believe medium businesses, large businesses and ecommerce sites should take a look as well. And I’ve added a few more items after their 50 that you may wish to include! What goals do you want your website to accomplish? Most likely, you would like to get more customers through the door. You …

Google SEO: Optimizing based on How Google Works

Search engine optimization has extensively transformed in the past couple of years, particularly on how the practice is progressively moving towards real-world marketing metrics. While more complex factors are being constantly integrated to an algorithm that’s seemingly close to fully understanding how the real world works – it’s still, very much, plausible to simplify processes for SEO. Mainly by focusing on what many of us already know – Google’s top/core ranking factors: Content Links RankBrain And also to some extent, by interpreting information coming from Google’s engineers:I won’t delve into too much detail on how Google actually works, but if …

Do Visuals Really Matter for Online Advertising?

Humans are visual creatures by nature. In fact, research shows that 90% of the information that comes to our brains is visual. And as it turns out, our visual intelligence is actually increasing while verbal intelligence is on the decline, according to an infographic from WebDAM. What does this mean? It means that the way people consume information and the way they communicate is changing. And marketers who want to effectively reach their audiences will need to more strategic with visuals in all their marketing tactics—including online advertising. Simply paying to be at the top of search results or news …

Research roundup

ExchangeWire Research’s weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world, with additional insight provided by Rebecca Muir, head of research and analysis, ExchangeWire. In this week’s edition: Content marketing spend continues to increase; More ad spend on original digital video programming; and one-third of display ad investment transacted programmatically.Content Marketing Spend to Reach €2.12bn (£1.68bn) by 2020 In the coming four years, spend on paid content placement will experience a boom in Europe. Growing by a massive 186% by 2020, the total amount spent on content marketing will more than double from the figures recorded in 2014.

It’s Official: Mobile Dusts Desktop

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Market experts including Google have been predicting this transition, and now it’s finally here: Mobile use has surpassed desktop in…, which opens to everyone this fall, fights Big Content in favor of the artisanal web

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Since launched as a prototype last summer, it’s embraced a slower Internet. By allowing users to share just one link a day, it…

Does Native Advertising Work? We ran a few tests with Outbrain

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What’s it all about? Native advertising is sponsored content an advertiser pays to nest within existing content on a publisher’s site…

Is Your Native Advertising Ruled by Metrics That Matter?

19 days ago — 19 mentions
Let’s face it: Most people would rather glance at vibrant images than trudge through a sea of copy. Savvy marketers are capitalizing on…