Beat Your 2016 Revenue Target by Giving Your Sales Force This One Tool

Beat Your 2016 Revenue Target by Giving Your Sales Force This One Tool
By Aaron Bartels, September 6, 2015 at 6:00 AM
What Is Strategic Alignment and Why Is It The Key to Making Your 2016 Number?

In the 2015 SBI Annual Research Report, the focus was on functional strategies. What we discovered in the 2016 Report, however, takes that one huge step further.

Last year we reported that successful companies were moving back to functional strategies. These strategies brought together initiatives into cohesive plans.

Now, however, it’s clear that strategies designed in isolation will not work for 2016. The Internet has fueled sweeping changes in customer behavior and the buyer’s journey. Functional strategies must be aligned to achieve revenue goals.

This alignment between revenue-facing functions is called Strategic Alignment. It’s the only way to systematize revenue growth. And it’s the one thing that the top 10% of teams say they are doing differently.

Companies that pull together individual initiatives into strategic alignment are realizing outstanding performance. To hit your 2016 number, product, marketing, sales and talent strategies must connect.

This is strategic alignment in a nutshell. Functional strategies that are aligned to the other functional strategies – with corporate strategy leading.

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